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      Rio San Juan,  Jungle River Scenery    

twain.gif (33923 bytes)Dark grottos, fairy festoons, tunnels, temples, columns, pillars, towers, pilasters,  terraces, pyramids, mounds, domes, walls, in endless confusion of vine work  no shape known to architecture unimitated  and all so webbed together that short distances within are only gained by glimpses. Monkeys here and there; birds warbling; gorgeous plumaged birds on the wing, Paradise itself, the imperial realm of beauty  nothing to wish for to make it perfect.   

    Mark Twain.. ( Was there in 1866 )



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Virgin natural beauty of rainforest is all around.

In the area are several National Park: Cano Negro, Wild Life Refuge 

  Isla del Pitasso, Indio Mais, Reserva de vida silvestre los Guatuzos where is located    La Esquina del Lago Lodge


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La Esquina del Lago

Hotel Jungle River Lodge in National Park Reserva de vida silvestre  Los Guatuzos,

Bocana de Rio Frio, San Carlos, Rio San Juan, Nicaragua.

Tel  ( 505 ) 88 49 06 00        ( 506 )  88 42 76 73    E-MAIL Click

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