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 Pricing Hotel Large rooms  with private Bathroom

Single room    $ 35*

Double Room $ 50*

3 persons in room $65*

4 Persons in room $80*

* Including Breakfast

* Include free Shuttle boat service to San Carlos (  6 am -10am )


Full Hosting: ( Lodging with Three meals )  $ 60 per person per Day

Large rooms  with private Bathrooms

Also included:  

Acess to observatory ,

free use of Kayak in and around Property in National Park Los Guatuzos..

Local style Fishing from our Deck....




Breakfast  $ 3 - $5

Lunch or Dinner $ 7.5 - $12      Entre, Main course, Desert

All Meals are  Served with Fresco ( Fresh fruit Natural juice)  Purified water, and Cafe

Our specialties: Casado, Fresh fish garlic, meuniere, a la normande , Carpacho, Ceviche, Olla de Carne, Rondon, Paella, sushi,

Steak au poivre a la Parisienne, Crepes suzette, Banane flambee...



Café, Tea, Fresh fruit Natural juice  FREE to our Guests

Soda, Coca Cola...  $ 1

Beer Victoria, Tonia  $ 1.25

Bottle of purified water 1 liter $1 1/2 liter $0,75

Bottle of wine Red or white $ 12

Bottle of Rum  reserve Flor de cana  $ 14     


   Prime Nicaraguan Cigars $ 3 ( Exclusive Reserve from Estelli )

       Cigarette packs Malboro etc...  $ 1.5

       T shirt La Esquina del Lago $ 10





 Discover Rio San Juan  

From  Hotel in San Jose, Granada...

or International Airports of Managua (Nicaragua) or San Jose ( Costa Rica)

We wait for you at International Airport.

Package  can be from three days two nights till 8 , 10, 15 Days... Groups of 1 till 12 persons.

All is included: Airport Pick up, Transfer  air or road, all meals and Lodging.


Options & Pricing: 


1) Bird watching  all Include Packages Pricing is on page Bird Watching of this site


2) Sport Fishing all include Pakages visit  our special page at http://www.nicaraguafishing.com/Prix.htm


3) General  Discovery all Include Packages ( Pricing to be on line soon )


4) Kayak Adventures all Include Packages ( Pricing to be on line soon )



 All Tours Bird watching - History - World class fishing - Kayak Adventures   are in Rio San Juan Nicaragua also Solentiname, and Laguna de Perla on the Caribean Coast

Wild life reserves: Los Guatuzos, Medio Queso, Cano Negro, Indio mais...  E-MAIL




La Esquina del Lago

Hotel Jungle River Lodge in National Park Reserva de vida silvestre  Los Guatuzos,

Bocana de Rio Frio, San Carlos, Rio San Juan, Nicaragua.

Tel  ( 505 ) 88 49 06 00        ( 506 )  88 42 76 73    E-MAIL Click

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